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The New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (NZDE) and the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering Practice (NZDEP) are national qualifications that have been developed with industry to meet industry needs. They respond to industry's call for technician level qualifications that recognise practical skills by combining quality academic study to national standards with a rigorous and structured assessment of practical skills. The two qualifications provide a structured pathway to a rewarding career as an engineering technician in the manufacturing or infrastructure sector. There is currently a high demand for engineers in New Zealand with NZDE and NZDEP qualifications. This demand is expected to last for the foreseeable future. These technician level qualifications are seen as central to New Zealand's future.


Electrical/electronic engineers are responsible for the electrical infrastructure that drives just about everything we do. They work in telecommunications, power, semiconductors, manufacturing, transportation, or related fields.


Civil engineers design and build roads, structures, infrastructure and buildings. They work in construction, materials, maintenance and utility operations.


Mechanical engineers design, manufacture and maintain the tools, engines, machines and systems that keep modern society operating. They work in manufacturing, construction, transport, power generation, food production and building services industries.


The NZDE qualifies you to work in a variety of engineering jobs at technician level, such as Computer assisted design (CAD) drafting, Managing construction sites, Designing improvements to machinery used in manufacturing, Developing high tech electronics equipment.


Diploma in Engineering

The New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (NZDE) is a great option if you want a qualification pathway that combines applied academic study with practical skills, and only takes two years to prepare you for employment in the engineering industry.


Diploma in Engineering Practice

The NZDEP is a work-based qualification. The qualification tests the trainee's practical application of engineering knowledge and skill in a particular industry sector (civil, mechanical or electrical/electronic). It involves the development and application of the general skills required for independent practice as an engineering technician.


The NZDE and NZDEP provide a structured pathway to a rewarding career as an engineering technician in the manufacturing or infrastructure sector.


The NZDE is offered by accredited Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs). The NZDEP is offered through several ITOs.


The NZDE and NZDEP are ideal for people considering a career change at any life stage.


The New Zealand Board for Engineering Diplomas (NZBED) has responsibility for overseeing the NZDE and NZDEP.