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The Board

The NZBED Board consists of nine people. There are three industry representatives, three provider representatives and three industry training organisation representatives. There are also two co-opted quality assurance representatives, one from providers and one from ITOs. The Chair is elected by the Board from one of the three industry representatives.

The Board is responsible for:

  • the strategic oversight of the two qualifications

  • governing and guiding the system through collaboration between industry, providers and ITOs

  • ensuring that the qualifications continue to meet the needs of industry, students and providers offering higher level qualifications

  • Ensuring that the NZDE continues to meet the requirements of the Dublin Accord.

Annual Report 2017

Industry representatives

Lisa Drysdale (Chair) 
Waikato Regional Council

Michael Kerr Beca Engineering

Bob Simpson

Executive Officer

Jim Doyle

ITO representatives

Bill Sole

Kharen Hope Skills

Mike Grumball Connexis


Kim Willis

Provider representatives

Paul Hollings Manukau IT

Rob Dantzer Ara

Shelley Wilson Wintec

Co-opted members

Harry Leder TOPNZ