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Types of Engineering you can study in the NZDE and NZDEP

"The two qualifications provide a structured pathway to a rewarding career as an engineering technician in the manufacturing or infrastructure sector. There is currently a high demand for engineers in New Zealand with NZDE and NZDEP qualifications. This demand is expected to last for the foreseeable future. These technician level qualifications are seen as central to New Zealand's future."

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design and build roads, structures, utility infrastructure and buildings. Civil is the broadest field of engineering and can involve working in construction, materials, maintenance and utility operations.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are responsible for the electrical infrastructure that drives just about everything we do. A career in electrical engineering can lead to work in telecommunications, power, semiconductors, manufacturing, transportation, or related fields.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design, manufacture and maintain the tools, engines, machines and systems that keep modern society operating. Mechanical engineers often work in the manufacturing, construction, transport, power generation, food production and building services industries.